bank details
Name: Anna Aeberhard-Tsviliy
Account no. 1148-6914.159
IBAN CH12 0070 0114 1415 9
Currency: CHF

After you have checked and placed your order, you have the following options for payment. Payments must be made in Swiss francs. Please refer to the relevant information on payment methods.

You pay for your order with the available credit cards. Credit card payments are subject to validity checks and approval by the card-issuing authority. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to approve the payment, please contact your card-issuing authority directly to resolve the problem. avecAnneke, Inh. shall not be liable for any delays or errors in connection with data transmission.

After your order you will automatically be taken to the TWINT payment screen. There you can scan the QR code with your TWINT app and thus trigger the payment.

avecAnneke, Inh. will not charge any fees for the payment methods specified.
However, please note that banks and payment service providers may charge you directly for bank transfers and currency conversions.